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If you have suffered from chronic heel pain and your symptoms have not improved with traditional conservative treatments options then we may have a solution that will cure your heel pain for good.

We are offering a new treatment modality for chronic heel pain called (EPAT) Extracorpeal pulse activation technology. Intense pulse sound waves are introduced into the soft tissues to break up scar tissue and increased blood flow to the injured area. This procedure reduces pain and inflammation as well as stimulates your own bodies healing mechanism. 

The advantages of this procedure are:


2)No down time

3) No anesthesia

4) In office procedure

Typically, the procedures takes 5 minutes and is done weekly for three weeks.

After the treatment you will experience decreased pain and begin to have relief from symptoms which continues to improve over a 3-5 week period.

So, if you experience chronic heel pain make an appointment with our practice to see if you are a candidate for EPAT.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Do you suffer from Chronic Heel Pain?

If so Carolina Foot Specialists will begin to offer a minimally invasive option for chronic stubborn plantar fasciitis.

A new state of the art treatment for chronic heel pain that our practice will offer is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections. The procedure is in the office setting under local anesthesia and involves taking a small amount of blood from the patient, similar to giving blood for a routine test. The vial of blood is subjected to very high speeds in a machine called a centrifuge. A yellow material is obtained containing cells called platelets, that are very abundant with factors that aid in healing. These growth factors are believed to decrease the inflammation causing plantar fasciitis. The platelets from the patient's own blood is injected into the area of pain in the heel. Patients are then fitted for a removable walking boot with light weight bearing to prevent putting excess weight on the heel for one week or less. After that, they advance to sneakers, and although the range of time for pain relief is variable, it can be appreciated as early as 10-14 days.

For more information please contact our office at

The vast majority of Heel Pain is caused by a breakdown in the tissue (plantar fascia) that supports the foot.

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Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer are looking forward about being trained in the latest state of the art diagnosis and treatment of heel pain. They both will be attending a two day regional meeting and will be learning from an innovative national Foot and Ankle surgeon on the latest diagnostic evaluation of chronic heel pain as well as minimally invasives surgically techniques to cure chronic heel pain.

Heel pain is not always plantar fasciits which is very important to understand. A good majority of the time it may be an inflammed ligament but it could be other causes such as a stress fracture, growth plate injury in children, nerve injury, or bone tumor.

Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer will blog in the next two months to educate our community on various causes of heel pain, conservative treatment options, and newer minimally invasive techniques to help cure chronic cases. They will both discuss the upcoming training and newer state of the art evaluations and treatments for the various forms of heel pain.

Carolina Foot Specialists is passionate about healing foot and ankle pain especially our patient population that suffers from heel pain.

Professional basketball player Marcus Camby recently tore his plantar fascia. Here is the article on his recent injury.

More to come on how to treat plantar fascial tears.